Travel. I love it. I’m addicted to it.  I like who I am when I travel, I like the freedom that accompanies me.  I like listening to my heart as it guides me whilst tapping into the beat of the soul of the world. I like meeting complete strangers who become so profoundly woven into my suzani of life.  This past year and a half I’ve lived like a diddakoi gypsy girl et surtout I have realized people in this world, we have no place to go.

Life is just far too short.  Depressingly and beautifully short, so much so that there’s barely time, for us to breath.

So I’ve made a promise to myself and have decided to concentrate my efforts on realizing my dreams. That entails seeing as much of this pale blue dot as I can and meeting her beautiful inhabitants I encounter along the way.  My travels have taken me to lands unknown, to the back of beyond, to the end of the world.   I’ve taken it all in now it’s time to put it all down.

o seek out  new life and new civilizations
            ealise your dreams and remember
           nything goes
  enture off
           nter the unknown
         earn as much as you can

” What a joy, to travel the way of the heart” Rumi


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