My silk road odyssey

Even from miles away…

I heard the gobi winds~*

I saw the gobi sands~*

I felt the gobi desire~*

To travel Mongolia was the biggest dream I’d set myself up for.  After hearing the wind’s call from Inner Mongolia whilst standing on the peaks of the Great Wall, my spirit awoke.  After seeing the ‘yellow dust’ blown down from the great Gobi and quietly settling on my window sill in Jeongeup, I knew I had to follow my heart and see Mongolia.  So many bemused people ask me “WHY MONGOLIA?”, all I can answer is that ‘somewhere’ on the vast romantic steppe of Central Asia beckoned me.  This ‘calling’, it’s a feeling so pure and true.  It just is as you are.  It’s a feeling one simply cannot reject, bury under a pile of fear, or try and forget.   For if one does, it would be unforgivable.  I couldn’t imagine letting the dream vanish, living in regret or in sheer desperation of what might have been.

So after a year teaching English in South Korea, I was poised to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.   I was ready to let the unknown mold me at will.  Finally my silk road dream was about to be realized, my epic odyssey took me through Mongolia, Kazakhstan and in the heart of Central Asia.  It took me 5 months to cross this mysterious part of the world, seeing the most dramatic landscape I’ve set eyes upon and meeting the most interesting and beautiful people en route.  I decided to travel alone, put myself  ‘out there’ wherever that would be.  I wanted to let my spirit guide me, I wanted to grasp the opportunity to truly get to know myself, to get to the root and essence that is me and try find out more about life.

Freedom, embracing pure freedom and letting my spirit soar on my journey was an essential part in what made it so successful.  I did very little planning for the trip, I just traveled as far as I wanted to go, stopped where I wanted to stop and went where I dared.  I followed my way along the paths the winds carved for me, indulged in  humanity’s kindness and generosity and learnt far more about life than I expected.

A moment to treasure


One response to “My silk road odyssey

  1. Traveling the Silk Road has been one of my dreams for years. I want to go all the way from Beijing to Istanbul but am not sure the political climate will ever allow that. Your trek into Mongolia and the Stans sounds like a good compromise. I want to hear more, more, more. Please keep posting.

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