On to Ölgii

That task over, it was time to buy my horrifically expensive plane ticket from UB to Olgii.  You can of course do this journey overland.  Why anyone would, I don’t know.  I was told it’d take anywhere between 3 and 7 days to get to Olgii by jeep and over a week by bus.  The guys I met who did this trip overland by public transport said it was utterly terrible.  There are  a few different airlines, MIAT, Eznis, and Aero Mongolia which all fly this route.  You’ve got to shop around, flight schedules are again erratic and don’t do what I did and leave it to the last-minute if you can help it.  Due to time and visa constraints I had to splash out and fly Eznis airways.  It was probably the most luxurious flight of my trip! Their little Saab 340B took off at the crack of dawn and flew us over the most gorgeous scenery.  My god, Mongolia is just beautiful from above and we snuck a peek at the gorgeous Altai mountains.  It took us 4 hours to arrive and at the most obscene little airport I’ve ever set foot in.  It was about as ridiculous as the one in Lamu,Kenya.  No runway. We had landed in the wild bloody west.  What was I thinking?

Our gorgeous green eyed leather clad pilot ushered us to the wagon that carried our luggage.  The baggage stood a few feet from the plane where it was to be collected.  He winked and smiled at us almost as if to say “good luck you lot”.  He waited on the tarmac as the plane refueled and jetted back to UB in no time at all.I met a cool American couple who were also on the flight. They took me under their wing and invited me to share their taxi into town…


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