I love astronomy. And I love to travel. 

Traveling the silk road.  That was the dream, I made it come true.  From South Korea, I attempted to traverse Asia along the silk route to Istanbul.

I’ve been roaming around Asia for the past year epitomizing the gypsy girl lifestyle, which I’ve found to be incredibly adventurous and addictive! I’ve found my way from living with the nomads of Mongolia, drifting their endless desert steppe and onto the Altai region where I resided with the friendly Kazakhs of the region, who’ve been all but forgotten. Wondering through Kazakhstan,the semi-nomadic pastures of Kyrgyzstan, through the soaring heights of Tajikistan and eventually ending up in the desert sands of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.  The journey continued onto the great Caucus mountains of Eurasia.  I lived in Republic of Georgia, working as a volunteer.  I managed to see Armenia and Turkey as well.  I’ve sailed my silk road dream with vigor and fascination, it’s now time to put it all down.

The Diddakoi-This book instigated my fascination with gypsies, wanderers, drifters and nomadic people whose lifestyles slowly began to enchant and bewitch me.

I collect space memes which you can find under ‘starstuff’.  And I also co-write nonsense poems with Cath for Amy Jane.


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